The competition’s exploding! 11 tips on how to one-up them.

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If you haven’t already experienced it, (and you will), the competition’s exploding.

It’s exploding to the point that all someone needs to find out is that you’re a “success.” And by the time you wake up the next morning, they’ll have a competing website up that’s trying to steal valuable market share you’ve spent YEARS earning — offering would-be customers practically the same exact thing you do… only better (or so they claim).

And on top of that?

They’re charging customers less for it.

So what do you do?

Here are my top 11 tips for how to stay one step ahead of your competition, and one-up them, (as I like to say), without feeling as if you have to lower your prices to stay in the game and compete. Something I’ve seen many clients reluctantly and do over the years, but helped them to understand that it wasn’t just about lowering your price. It was about… wait for it…

#1: Offer something different.

Sounds easy. I know. But from Fortune 100 companies to small and mid-size brands that I’ve worked with, it’s sometimes as easy as just thinking something up that isn’t being offered, that fulfills a need. Positioning (or packaging) it in a new way. Then just telling people about it.


I love doing customer surveys to ask people what they want. Then, I try to see a consistent need and look to offer something that fulfills it.

#2. Raise your standard.

I talked about this before. In fact, it’s all over social media to “hustle harder.” While that’s all great, my belief is to:

Raise your standard. Higher.

Quick story.

I could’ve launched the new website I’ve been working on for some time, any number of times over the last 2 years. But, after hiring 4 out of 5 people and losing a lot of money over the fact that I thought they could deliver what they said they could, and just couldn’t…

I took a step back and put things aside UNTIL I could find the people who understood how to execute on the vision (not just talk like they could).


I don’t believe in putting your name on something you don’t absolutely love. Or something that doesn’t accurately represent who you are and what your business is about. Just to get it out and into the world.

Sure, you have people saying, “just launch it.” But at the same time, if you have a vision… and someone isn’t able to execute on it, then I don’t see the point in launching something that isn’t you.

And you aren’t proud to stand behind.

#3: Care more.

If anything, it’s become more and more upsetting how many people you inquire to work with and they just don’t respond to your email.

Worse yet, those that do, just don’t seem to care. And the ones that do? They’re either demanding big BIG money or working for Google, Apple or Facebooks of this world.

Show you care (not just say you do)?

And you’re already one step ahead of most individuals and organizations.

#4: Overdeliver.

In my opinion, that word is responsible for more people’s success than you would believe. In fact, when I look back at my success over the years, I almost feel as if it’s become a way of life.

To just give someone more than they ask for. To the point where they feel indebted to you. And soon, they actually will be.

#5: Relook at your positioning.

Positioning is hard for a lot of businesses.

For others, it’s really scary.

But if there’s one thing necessary to look at every year it’s to see how others perceive you, versus your competition. And to see how you can reposition yourself in a way that fills a gap, that isn’t being filled.

#6: Do better.

Every day I read, listen or watch an educational podcast or youtube video at least an hour a day. I look at USA Today, CNBC, LinkedIn’s Daily Rundown, follow leading experts on Twitter and Social Media and…

In other words, I’m always learning new ways to become better as a person, creative, and business owner and believe that it’s a never-ending pursuit to be the best you can be — and it starts with the understanding that although you may know a lot of things. There’s still a lot of things you don’t know.

#7: Be faster.

I recently tried something that I saw another small design agency do.

I provided an entire website overhaul in a day.

I thought, “I wonder if I could do I what I do in a day. Instead of in a few weeks? And be able to execute the copy faster, but charge less because it only takes up a fraction of my time — opening up a new way to work with small-budget businesses? To where they get just as much value, and I get to spend a shorter amount of time?”

And it worked!

And more importantly, some of my smaller-budget clients (those who only have $2,500 or so to spend on redoing their website copy) couldn’t be happier!


It’s a win for me because I get to bust my ass in a day, and make a decent amount of money — for the value I provide. It’s a win for them because they get to save a few thousand dollars and a number of weeks worth of time.

#8: Do more of what’s working. Less of what isn’t.

Like many entrepreneurs, it’s hard to know when to persist and when to keep pressing on. But at some point, you have to know what is working and what is not. And once you know what’s working, have the courage to take the ideas that aren’t working…

And take them out back to shoot them. Dead. ;)

#9: Deliver new content. Consistently.

I know for a lot of people creating content isn’t that hard. It’s the consistency and time that takes to do it.

But that’s where you get to build up trust over time. And where trust, built up over time helps to position you as an expert in your field.

So make sure you set aside a few hours in the day to do it and if you’re unable to, find someone who can do it. Daily.

How much?

If you listen to Gary Vaynerchuk, you should be posting anywhere between 7–25 pieces of content. A day!

#10: Share your company’s values and beliefs with the rest of the world.

In a previous post, I had talked about how much our values and beliefs determine where we’ll shop and not shop. And that if our values aren’t in alignment with a company and what they believe, we could very well shop elsewhere.

But the trick to having this work for you, and not against you, is to find ways to share your company values and beliefs in new and innovative ways. Meaning, you can find ways to collaborate with other people and organizations who share similar beliefs. Or at least find a way to share them in both short AND long form through:

  1. Video.
  2. Instagram stories.
  3. Facebook ads.
  4. Twitter ads.
  5. And…

The opportunities really are endless.

The trick?

Repurpose all the things you do across platforms.

Meaning, do one long-form piece of content and chunk it down across other social media platforms.

More specifically, you just did a 3–5 minute video? Great! Chunk it down to a 30-second piece. Expand on one piece of that, and create a blog post from it. A tweet or hashtag from it. A quote to use in a presentation… whatever you need to do to repurpose all of that content and save time… make sure to do it.

Thinking you’d like to keep more of your values and beliefs to just you and your company? Something you would like to keep more of a secret?

Listen. This isn’t the 1980s. We already know what you believe where you spend your money. What your CEO does in his spare time. And what political party you support.

The smarter thing to do?

#11: Control your own conversation.

That means you need to become your own official, (or unofficial) media company — giving you more control over the conversation than others seem to have.

And today, that’s as simple as controlling that conversation, yourself. And putting out content, daily, to support whatever it is you value and believe… before anyone else does.

About the Author

Since 2008, Jared Kessler has worked with some of the most highly-recognized brands, to grow their sales with words and copy — including HP, Hyatt, T-Mobile, Ben Bridge and many others. What’s his secret?

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Writer/Photographer who does a little bit of this and a lotta bit of that. Currently live and love Portland, Oregon.

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Jared Kessler

Jared Kessler

Writer/Photographer who does a little bit of this and a lotta bit of that. Currently live and love Portland, Oregon.

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